“If we think about things having multiple lives, cradle to cradle, we could design things that can go back to either nature or back to industry forever.”

— William McDonough



Our skateboards are designed and made in Bristol, England, using sustainably sourced local timber and natural, non-toxic finishes. They are sold in local shops or online. They are fun to ride and also look good on a wall in the house. When they are no longer needed they can be disassembled and safely disposed of. 

The shape of the boards and designs are each unique, taking inspiration from surf culture and the nostalgia of California in the 60's/70's.




Welsh Alder from just across the river is our preferred timber; well seasoned, light, solid and beautiful. The rough sawn timbers are thickness planed and joined at the workshop on Spike Island, then they're ready for shaping. 

We experiment with different paints, pigments and finishes- the current batch of boards are screen printed with clay paint and finished with beeswax.

We often use recycled aluminium trucks and are always on the lookout for ways to create a biodegradable or recyclable wheel.